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Make a great first impression: get to the point

June 9, 2013


Imagine Chuck, a talented candidate about to interview for a job. He dresses in his best suit and arrives early. The waiting room is overflowing with interviewees, and they’ve all come to impress with well-crafted pitches. The schedule moves quickly; each interview lasts ten minutes, tops. Then it’s Chuck’s turn. “Tell me about yourself,” the […]

5 mistakes you can avoid with funder research

January 3, 2013


Good research is the best way to prepare for writing a grant request. It takes valuable time to gather credible, up-to-date information. But you must know your funder before you write a single word. No time for research? Here are 5 mistakes you won’t know you’re making Mistake #1 – Mission mismatch. Proposing a project […]

5 faux pas to avoid with funders

February 21, 2012


I believe in open, honest communication between grantseekers and grantmakers. It’s the only way we’re going to advance our missions. However, there are certain cringe-inducing sentences that grantseekers should avoid. For example: I haven’t looked at your website, but can you tell me… Oof. Before reaching out to a funder, spend a few minutes to […]

3 steps to an artful ask

January 26, 2012


Grant proposals come in many lengths, styles and formats. But all of them share one crucial sentence: the ask. It’s the most important sentence in a grant request. It’s why we call them requests. Oddly enough, about 17%* of the letters I receive don’t include an ask. Why not? Putting together an artful ask is […]

Lead with the right hook

January 12, 2012


Like any piece of good writing, grant proposals and letters of inquiry need a hook. Something to catch your reader’s attention. The best place to start is your first sentence. The most common approach to the first sentence is, unfortunately, also a bit bland. About 75%* of the requests I receive start with generic sentences, like these: The […]