A sweet and simple thank-you

October 10, 2012


Did your mom make you write thank-you notes? Mine did. It’s a habit that’s stuck with me from birthday parties to baby showers and followed me into my fundraising days. After all these years of giving and receiving thank-yous, I like the simple ones best. Nothing better than a personal note (see an example in […]

AT&T reminds drivers: It Can Wait

September 18, 2012


AT&T reminds drivers: It Can Wait

Texting while driving is dangerous. 97% of teens know it’s risky, but 43% admit they’ve done it, according to a recent survey by AT&T. Teens and adults alike may feel compelled to check their phones when behind the wheel. But texting while driving is a terrible idea. Even texting at a stoplight can distract, putting […]

Aurora University creates first STEM Partnership School

August 21, 2012


A partnership school breaks the mold of traditional education. It’s not a public, charter or private school. So new and different, the State of Illinois passed legislation to create it. In the fall of 2014, Aurora University will welcome elementary students to the first STEM Partnership School in the U.S. What’s unique about it? STEM […]

4 kid-friendly volunteer projects

July 27, 2012


Kid Volunteer Projects

Ever search for a volunteer opportunity for a kid, age 10 and under? It’s not easy. But it’s oh-so-important for tomorrow’s nonprofiteers. Common suggestions for kids include visiting a senior living home or cleaning up a local park. Worthy endeavors. But if Little Johnny is afraid of old people or he won’t pick up his own toys […]

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Kids and energy, a natural pair

July 15, 2012


AWEsome Energy exhibit offers hands-on electricty experiments at the DuPage Children's Museum.

Hey, kids, wanna do some hands-on experiments with electricity? You can, at a brand new (totally safe) exhibit at the DuPage Children’s Museum. It’s part of AWEsome Energy — a major initiative to help kids understand how Air, Water and Electricity help power our world. It’s a big topic for young minds. But watch this […]

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Happy Birthday, Blog!

June 30, 2012


Happy Birthday, Meredith Hilt's Blog!

Faithful readers, we mark a milestone today. One year ago, I started this blog. Like many eager bloggers, I began with zero audience and experience. I wanted to engage with others who were interested in corporate giving and sustainability. These topics helped spur 12 months of trial and error. 58 posts later, I’ve learned a […]

The value of trees

June 20, 2012


“It pays to plant trees!” That phrase — and the bold, green tag it was printed on — caught my eye during a walk through downtown Downers Grove, Illinois. Taking a closer look, I learned it was part of a clever campaign by The Morton Arboretum to share the economic value of trees. A tree-lined […]