Wait-and-See Wednesday

Posted on November 28, 2012


Did you participate in Giving Tuesday?

A coalition of nonprofits launched the campaign to encourage giving back. It follows Thanksgiving Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, (no-name Sunday) and Cyber Monday.

My first reaction to Giving Tuesday was applause. I like the idea of an official start to the giving season.

After days of feasting and unbridled consumerism, a day focused on giving is a welcome change. Helps blot out stories about stampeding shoppers at the local big-box retailer.

With thousands of charities united behind Giving Tuesday, there are marketing advantages. Nonprofits can reinforcing the same message, instead of thousands of separate ones. Standing together, they have a better chance of being heard.

It’s easy to support efforts that motivate people to give back and build stronger communities.

My second reaction to Giving Tuesday was skepticism. Cyber Monday and Black Friday capture behaviors that were already happening. Giving Tuesday feels a bit manufactured.

It’s only one day, after we’ve spent lots on ourselves and loved ones. Too little too late?

And my inbox. Whoa. At least 20 emails from different charities asking me to give. Some of these causes are near and dear to my heart. But with the high volume of requests, I tuned out completely.

My final reaction to Giving Tuesday will depend on results. Did charities see increased giving? More than other campaigns they’ve tried?

What were your reactions to Giving Tuesday? More importantly, what were your results?