21 tweet-sized marketing tips

Posted on June 5, 2012


21 tips from the 2012 International BMA Conference

I attended a great conference last week — GROW: 2012 International Business Marketing Association (BMA) Conference.

Designed for business-to-business marketers, it attracted more than 600 folks from around the world. Fantastic speakers for 48 hours.

Many times during GROW, I thought several strategies would apply just as well to nonprofit marketing and fundraising efforts.

If you follow me on Twitter, the list below will look familiar. But these nuggets of wisdom are good enough to share again:

  1. “Building a brand is hard…but repositioning a brand is harder.” Barbara Basney, VP Global Advertising, Xerox
  2. Customers:”Tell me something I don’t know.” The most successful sales rep leads with insight. Matt Dixon, The Challenger Sale
  3. More than half of your customer loyalty is driven by *how* you sell. Not *what* you sell. Matt Dixon, The Challenger Sale
  4. Customers abhor the 20-question sales approach. Steals valuable time without returning insights. Matt Dixon, The Challenger Sale
  5. Drivers of customer loyalty: 53% sales experience,19% brand impact,19% product, 9% value to price. Matt Dixon, The Challenger Sale
  6. Marketing tip: Add “forward to a friend” option on e-newsletters to build your mailing list. George Stenitzer
  7. When telling stories, use pictures. 65% of people believe they are visual learners. Bob Pearson
  8. Keys to successful marketing: Use social media with purpose. Make facts ‘sexy’ or funny. And don’t spin. Ever. Jonathan Salem
  9. 60% of sales decisions are stuck at “no decision” = The Status Quo Barrier. Tim Riesterer
  10. 4 Status Quo barriers that stop sales: 1)Short attn span 2)Don’t like risk 3)Change is a burden 4)Incumbent advantage. Tim Riesterer
  11. 4 answers to Status Quo barriers: 1)Insight (in 30 sec.) 2)Put risk in context 3)Amplify current pain 4)Show contrast. Tim Riesterer
  12. “We tend to ‘we’ ‘we’ ‘we’ all over our presentations.” Instead of talking about self, show there is a need to change. Tim Riesterer
  13. 10-20-30 Rule of Presentations: 10 = # of PowerPoint slides; 20 = # of minutes; 30 = font size. Guy Kawasaki
  14. Invoke reciprocation. Instead of responding “You’re welcome,” say: “I know you would do the same for me.” Guy Kawasaki
  15. “Bake, don’t eat” If you think the pie is limited, you’ll eat as much as you can. Bakers make more, earning trust. Guy Kawasaki
  16. 4 steps in customer decisions: 1)Recognize need 2)Compare options 3)Resolve concerns 4)Negotiate terms. Neil Rackham
  17. 4 marketing tools for each stage of sale: 1)Analyze problems 2)Differentiate 3)Reduce risk (testimonial) 4)Pricing. Neil Rackham
  18. Trust your gut. If you *feel* it’s a good idea, that’s an important metric. Evelyn Neill
  19. 3 tactical ways to improve LinkedIn: free banner ads, add employee contacts, & corporate updates. Jeffrey Cohen, Kipp Bodnar
  20. 10-4-1 Rule: Share 10 links to 3rd party articles, 4 links to your content, 1 link to landing page. Jeffrey Cohen, Kipp Bodnar
  21. The half-life of a social media link is 3 hours. Jeffrey Cohen, Kipp Bodnar

Which of these tips strikes a chord with you?

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