Signs of spring

Posted on April 24, 2012


Going green has never been more popular, especially around Earth Day. More than a trend, good environmental performance helps build a stronger business.

At Tellabs we measure progress towards our goal, to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions with more efficient products and operations. We’re encouraged by some of the signs we see this spring:

We’re recycling more.

Tellabs equipment has a long life span in telecom networks. It can serve networks for 10, 15, or even 25 years. But no telecom equipment lasts forever.

That’s why in 2008, Tellabs launched a program to help our customers recycle network equipment. Whether it’s our equipment or our competitors’, we’ll work with our recycling partner to properly dispose of it.

We’ve recycled more than 200 metric tons of equipment in the last 2 years, saving 588 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents. That’s about the same as the annual emissions of 200 cars or 125 homes*.

Beyond network equipment, Tellabs also recycles employee e-waste in major U.S. locations. (Heather – can this be the caption to the photo?)

We’re cutting energy use in our operations.

For example, we recently reduced our electricity use when we updated our customer testing environment. By using a virtual environment, we are able to:

–          Save space and equipment, by using 1 rack vs. 350 physical workstations

–          Cut costs by up to 80%

–          Reduce energy use by more than 80%.

The result: an affordable, global solution that provides us more scalability and capacity while helping the environment.

We’re moving up the ranks

In its ranking of 360 companies, risk analysis firm Maplecroft named Tellabs #123 on the Climate Innovation Index (up from #176 last year).  Maplecroft uses 100 criteria to evaluate how companies manage and adapt to climate change, with a special focus on innovation.  Tellabs’ strengths include our use of hydroelectric power in Finland and Carbon Disclosure Project responses.

Whether it’s an investor ranking, employee program or customer initiative, we track our progress because sustainability is important to our business.  You can read more about Tellabs’ plans and progress in the 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report.

This post also appeared today on Tellabs Blog.

* I used the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s GHG Calculator for these comparisons.